The Pilgrimage a Short Summary.

34 Days and 3,500 miles later I’m much tanner than I was when I left, Lazarus has a few new parts and a few parts that are still missing.I have met a crazy amount of amazing people who live in this beautiful state, and a few that I really didn’t want to say goodbye to.

There are adventures everywhere. 

Get out and explore your world. You don’t even have to go very far. Just within your own state, you’ll be surprised by the amount of opportunities that will present themselves if you just get out and meet them. 
Often times you’ll meet them when everything goes wrong. Adventure is what happens when your plan goes awry.

The Break Down:

Times I had to be Towed: 3

Times I dropped the Bike: 9

Times I rode through a Rain Storm and got Soaked: 19


  • 1 Mechanic
  • 1 Tow Truck Driver
  • 1 Camp Host
  • 1 Resident Artist
  • 1 Big Rig Driver
  • 1 Reenactor


  • 1 folding chair
  • 1 lens cap
  • 1 tripod
  • 1 Jack Daniels Hat
  • 1 Good Phone Charger.
  • 3 Carabiners
  • 1 Cheap Drybag


  • 1 Stator
  • 1 Petcock
  • 1 Vacuum Hose
  • 1 Highway Peg (right side)
  • 1 Turn Signal (right side)
  • 1 Mirror (right side)
  • 7 Litres of Oil
  • N/A Miscellaneous Bolts
  • 3 Tank Bolts
  • 4 Fuses
  • .25 Litres of Brake Fluid

I was GIVEN:

  • 1 Napa Hat to replace the Jack Daniels Hat
  • 1 Sea to Summit Dry Bag * Literally the best thing ever
  • 1 pair of Leather Mittens
  • 1 Awesome “Still Balls Deep in Concrete” Hat because the bright blue Napa hat “just didn’t look like” me
  • 9 Meals
  • 1 Pamphlet about Creationist Dinosaur Theory
  • At LEAST 7 NEW AMAZING FRIENDS, who I know for a fact will drop what they’re doing to help a lone girl on an old bike

Montana State Map, that you can get at any Montana Chamber of Commerce, with my route traced with a sharpie. 

A huge thank you to my sponsors:


ICON 1000

Wolfman LuggageICON 1000Butler Motorcycle Maps, and Gregg and Ellis Landscaping.

And an extra thank you to my Grandma Nancy ❤ 

I wouldn’t have been able to complete this trip without the support from my sponsors and family and friends who supported me when I called and balled in their ears.