Outside of Missoula, MT with my Father

The Pilgrimage: Day 34

The Last Day of the Pilgrimage. 
After 34 days touring Montana, 3,500+ miles in state, I couldn’t imagine a better way to end this leg of my trip than riding the last 244 miles with my Father. 

Skalkaho Falls, on Skalkaho Pass, MT

We headed up Skalkaho Pass and stopped to take a couple pictures in front of the falls. About five minutes after we stopped two other families showed up. I didn’t think the guys in the group were going tolet me leave, they just kept asking questions.

Garnet Ghost Town, MT

After escaping, we made a stop in Phillipsburg to make a traditional Candy run and watch tourists. We also had the opportunity to ride the road from Drumming to Helmville that was recommended byColin which was pretty awesome. 

We took Hwy 200 and headed up to Garnet. Now if you didn’t know, I have tried to visit Garnet twice before and both times I ended up there too early or too late in the season, so the gate has been closed. Third time is the charm! 
Exploring ghost towns is a lot funner with someone else, so you can make ghost noises at each other while exploring creepy buildings.

We got to Missoula at 10:30pm after exploring a few dead ends. We celebrated with Double Front Chicken. It. Was. Glorious.