June-July 2016


A solo, 3,800+ mile, motorcycle trip to circumnavigate rural Montana. Hitting as many ghost towns, scenic byways, and natural landmarks as I can in a span of around six weeks. Just in case going around the fourth largest state in the US sounded easy, I’ve also made a few rules for myself;

  1. No GPS

  2. No Hotels ( X FAILED )

  3. No Chain Restaurants

  4. Avoid All Major Freeways

  5. One on-location Sketch a Day ( X FAILED )

Just for reference, if you drove from Seattle, WA to New York City it would be 2,858 miles.

This trip is like going across the country....and then some.


Amanda Zito is a sixth generation Bitterrooter with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from PNCA, a passionate love for her home state, traveling on two wheels and tattooing. She’s been riding since 2012, and drawing since she was old enough to hold a crayon. More About Amanda

Amanda and Lazarus her 1980 Suzuki GS850gl geared up with Wolfman Luggage, in Glacier National Park, June 2016.


34 Days and 3,500 miles later I'm much tanner than I was when I left, Lazarus has a few new parts and a few parts that are still missing. 

I have met a crazy amount of amazing people who live in this beautiful state, and a few that I really didn't want to say goodbye to. 
I also had a few job offers from different parts of the state. From Mechanic, Tow Truck Driver, Camp Host, Resident Artist, Big Rig Driver, to a Reenactor. More than anything, I realized how much it doesn't matter what your job is, just as long as you care about the work you're doing. 

I lost a folding chair, a lens cap, a tripod, my Jack Daniels hat, my good phone charger and three carabiners.
I had to be towed three times, I dropped the bike nine times, and I rode through nineteen rain storms.
I broke/had to replace a stator, a petcock, a vacuum hose, the highway peg on the right side, one turn signal on the right side, the mirror on the right side, 7 litres of oil, miscellaneous bolts -including 3 tank bolts-, 4 fuses, and .25 litres of brake fluid.

"Adventure is what happens when your plan goes awry."

Find detailed daily reports of my trip on my BLOG. 

What I learned from the Pilgrimage



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