My Top 5 Gear from 2018

1. Wolfman Luggage Expedition Dry Bags

Wolfman was nice enough to send me these bags in January,  in anticipation for the Baja trip, because my other bags weren’t really appropriate for the Tiger and I am blown away and I don’t know how I existed without them.

The Saddlebags just are such a nicer shape for packing for an extended trip. It took me a minute to get used to not having the dry pods to pull out and take in with me, but what I have adapted to is putting my overnight stuff and clothes into small packing cubes. So it’s almost better, that way when I set up my tent or if I’m stopping at hotel or a friends house,  I’m not pulling everything out of my bag when I only need a few things.

I will also say that I have crash tested these bags, and put them through snow, torrential downpours and they are definitely waterproof when they’re rolled up properly.

2. Wilderness Technology Wildy Down 20 Bag from Next Adventure.

I have lived in this sleeping bag this year. It’s been amazing. The quality of the fabric is just so much better than other cheaper bags I’ve slept in. It doesn’t feel like it’s sticking to you, ya know. I appreciate that there’s a cell pocket on the inside near your chest to protect your phone battery when it gets cold. Also that there is a kind of extra down ‘shelf’ that cinches around your neck so that there isn’t cold air finding it’s way down your chest.

3. Exped Synmat UL Sleeping Pad

This pad introduced me to the world of isolated sleeping pads but also sleeping pads I don't have to blow up with my mouth because it comes with a blow up bag. Enough said. By far the best sleeping pad I own right now. The ability to blow it up with the included bag, means I’m not worrying about mold growing in my sleeping bag, and then breathing that air in the morning when I deflate my pad. All around a big win for 2018 moto-camping. (The pack size doesn’t hurt either.)

4. Scorpion Yosemite ADV Suit

It's so versatile and breathable when it's warm and once I switched out the CE armor for D30 armor it's so much more lightweight than my Aerostich suit.

The pants are probably my favorite. The sizing is a little weird. Being that it’s a men’s pant I was expecting to fit into a Medium, Large at the most but I had to reorder and reorder until I got the size XL to get over my thighs and hips. Just a warning. They have hip and knee armor. Hip armor has become a requirement for me for pants, because 90% of the time I come off the bike it’s on my hips. Lesson learned. The thigh pockets are also a big highlight for me and the vents on either side of those thigh pockets AND the pockets double as vents for your crotch. Just yes.

The jacket has the MOST vents I’ve ever seen on a jacket. The whole back unzips and rolls into a storage packet at the base of the back. Heck the sleeves have a zip that goes up the whole arm, that’s a lot of air flow! I will say that the jacket is also the one I have the most gripes with. Like the pants it also has a sizing issue, and the Medium is a little tight. After I switch out the CE armor for the D30 it fit a bit better but getting the belly zipped up is a process, but I wouldn’t want the upper part of the jacket be any bigger.

The sleeves also have these giant plastic pieces that feed a velcro cinch through so you can keep the sleeves close to your arms, but the giant plastic pieces are NOT ergonomic. If I’ve been wearing it for a few days I don’t notice it anymore, but trying this on for the first time, those are not fun.

5. Lastly my shiny second hand Sony A7Rii

Soooo excited about this upgrade in my video equipment. Now I just have to save up enough for a wider lens than my 50mm *sob*. That’s it, I haven’t gotten to use it enough to do a proper review, but my only note is that 1) It’s awesome to be able to have a better external mic plugged right into the camera and 2) I MISS my flip up screen, and being able to see myself in selfie mode lol

Bonus 6th Pick: My Eddie Bauer Crossover Fleece Leggings

I've lived in them for like three months now, and hands down my favorite cold-weather base layer because I don't have to wear a polyester legging then a fleece legging on top.

Thanks to Wolfman Luggage and Next Adventure for letting me brand ambassadors for them they’ve been incredible to work with.