The One Moto Show: 2017

The One Moto Show 2017

I spent most of my weekend at the One Moto show manning the Latus Motors booth with our Used Parts department. So, unfortunately I don’t have a ton of photos of all of the amazing things that were happening in this old pickle factory. 

There were all kinds of amazing stuff, Icon had their own VIP room, there were a TON of incredible vendors. Not to mention the freaking mini bike races, which I’m bummed I didn’t get to do, but it was pretty awesome. I did get to ride our HD Street 500 Tracker build up and down a steep ramp which was fun as shit! 

Number 8 Wire Motorcycles's COW-a-saki 

I did get to meet a lot of lovely new people. No one will ever be able to clearly explain how odd it is to have handfuls of people you’ve never met in person come up to you, know your name, what you’ve been up to, and ask you specific questions about future plans. But! It’s also pretty incredible to actually see and meet these faces in real life that you know so well from the internet, and immediately pick up conversation like you’ve known each other personally for months. It’s almost nice to be able to skip the awkward “oh um. cool.. what do you do for a living? what are you into? …. are we into the same things?” 

Latus Motors Harley-Davidson Booth

Anyway! I got to see my babes of Hinterland Empire, and finally meet the man behind Inked Iron in the flesh,got to see my favorite Montana builder from Number 8 Wire Motorcycles, not to mention hang out with my all time fave @motolady !