What gets you Excited about ADV? | Motivational Thoughts from the Road

The crucial thing is that adventure feels worthwhile and meaningful, that you do it with enthusiasm, and that it feels important to you, not to other people.
— Alastair Humphreys from Adventure Journal

I have strong feelings about people putting other people down when they share their personal achievements. It's happened to me, and I've seen it happen so often to other people in Moto Facebook Groups where we're meant to support one another, and find other people who have the same passion for motorsports as we do. 

Someone shares that they finally got up the courage to get on the freeway for the first time and someone else feels the need to tell them that they got on the freeway the first day they learned to ride. Or the never ending "my horse is bigger than your horse" campaign when ANYONE mentions mileage per day. Dear lord. 

Can't we all just accept we're all on different paths? Can't we be excited for other people when they've beaten their personal best? Or stoked for someone who's gotten up the nerve to work on their bike for the first time instead of putting them down because they don't have the right tools or messed up a couple times in the process. EVERYONE has messed up while working on their bike. It's apart of the process. Everyone has dropped their bike doing something dumb. It just happens, it's apart of owning a bike. Why do we pretend like it's not?

We want MORE people to ride, not shame others into quitting before they've even begun. 

Do what gets you excited about riding, do your best to ignore the asshats and encourage others. 

Anyway lol I have a lot of feels. I hope the video comes across as motivational and not nearly as ranty as it started off for me XD