PNW Dual Sport: Summer Opener 2017

Fort George Brewery and Public House, Astoria, WA

Briareos got to stretch his legs a bit on a jaunt out to Astoria, thank god for blue skies during the Flock to the Rock. 

Lake Cushman, WA

Jesse Felker, co-organizer of the event.

Right after the my small ride/hang out with the ladies at #flock2therock I hauled ass up to the PNW Dual Sport Summer Opener! 
Briareos and I, fully loaded, pretended to blend in with all of the Dirt Bikes… safe to say we got a few looks lol
We’re rebels like that. 

Maiden voyage for my Ironhorse Gear 2+ Tent

Maiden voyage for my Ironhorse Gear 2+ Tent

Base Camp at PNW Dual Sport Summer Opener.

Ft. that Ironhorse Gear 2 Person Tent! Loving it! (Review of these tents coming soon!) 

Lessons in Roadside Tire Repair from EJ Etherington on the way home.