One Woman × One Motorcycle × One Sky 



First 1,000 mile trip with Lazarus in July 2013.

Amanda Zito was born and raised in Western Montana and spent her childhood on her family’s ranch. She moved to Portland, Oregon in 2010 to attend the Pacific Northwest College of Art where she earned a BFA in Illustration and finished her Tattoo Apprenticeship. She spends her free time driving as far away from the city as humanly possible and pining for home.

She started riding in 2012, after moving to Portland. She decided that if she couldn't ride her horses regularly anymore, a motorcycle was the natural next step. Not to mention her habit of running away from the city was getting a little expensive in just a car. 

She currently owns six beautiful motorcycles; Lazarus, a 1980 Suzuki 850gl,  Hephaestus a 2005 Honda Shadow Spirit 750, Paul Bunyan a project 1972 Honda CB175, Briareos Hecatonchires  a 2016 Honda CB500xa, Astraeus a 2016 Triumph Tiger 800xc, and a Batavus Moped named Daedalus . 

Alvord Desert, Oregon with Hephaestus,May 2016

She makes regular trips back home to Montana, one of which, was picked up and shared by themotolady.com.

You can also read an interview she did with Cicada Wheels  and her feature on REVER. 

Corvallis, Montana with Briareos July 2016

You can also see a few of her motorcycle videos, including her 1,800mi round trip she made in April 2015, here. 

To keep up with her latest motorcycle adventures follow her on instagram @blindthsitle  or twitter @asthemagpieflys

Go check out her latest adventure; A 3,600 mile trip encompassing Montana’s back roads, Ghost Towns and many Natural Landmarks, dubbed As the Magpie Flies: The Pilgrimage June & July 2016. 

Astraeus, 2016 Triumph Tiger800xc, Portland, OR Nov. 2017.

Astraeus, 2016 Triumph Tiger800xc, Portland, OR Nov. 2017.

Paul Bunyan project in March 2016.

Amanda is also an Illustrator. You can follow her work on her Illustration Blog, or her Tattoo Flash Blog

You can support Amanda by donating or buying shirts from her REDBUBBLE, or buying prints, temporary tattoos, and magnets from her Etsy Shop