Everyday Carry on a Girl's Adventure Bike

Doodle on a Motorcycle just made a great “What does a girl carry in her Riding Backpack?” video and I felt inspired to share my “Everyday Carry” on my bikes with you all!

Since I’m more apt to be off in the woods somewhere, or someplace without a signal, I tend to pack a little bit more than Doodle does.

On a Day trip down the Gorge, what my Kit Looks Like

Always in my Tank Bag:

Love my Wolfman Luggage Expedition Dry Saddlebags!

Always in my Saddlebags:

  • 1 liter of extra fuel in an MSR bottle

  • Tool Roll ( ie, wrenches, alan keys, wire cutters, Drive Ratchet, sockets, electrical tape, gorilla tape, zipties, Flathead and Phillips screwdriver with different sized heads, Spark plug Sockets, Feeler gauge, Adjustable Wrench, Locking Pliers, and Needle Nose Pliers)

  • An Extra Warm Layer like a fleece or a Puffy Jacket

  • Both Pairs of Gloves (ie a lightweight Summer Glove, and Gauntlet Waterproof Gloves)

  • An Extra Water Bottle with Nuun Tablets (Electrolytes)

These things ALWAYS go with me, even if I’m just going to go 50-100 miles and back home. There’s of course things I add and subtract for longer trips, or more strenuous ones. For example I’d take a big fat Adjustable Wrench that will fit my axle nuts on a 2-3 day trip so I can adjust my chain if I need to, among other camping equipment, possibly chain lube if I’m going to be gone for more than 5 days etc.

At the top of Magruder Corridor, Idaho