MARCH 2019





JULY 2018

I broke my wrist riding the Lolo Motorway on my way to Rocky Mountain Roll. Watch the playlist below to see how I broke it and how I escaped the woods.

APRIL 2018








Karl's Mystery Ride

Welcoming Jewelz of Wild Warrior Co to Portland. 



JUNE 2017

MAY 2017

Testing out my new One Person Ironhorse Gear Tent!

Testing out my new One Person Ironhorse Gear Tent!

APRIL 2017

DIRTastic! An all women dirt track day in Dallesport, WA! PS. this was the first day I've ever gotten to ride a two stroke, and I have decided that is my next bike. 

MARCH 2017

FEB 2017

JAN 2017

DEC. 2016

NOV. 2016

OCT. 2016

(I got a job at Latus Harley-Davidson & Triumph, starting in the Collision center) 

SEP. 2016


New Bike! 2016 Honda CB500x, his name Briareos Hecatonchires.


JULY 2016



JUNE 2016

Leaving Motos in Moab and heading to Montana to Prep for the Pilgrimage.

Prepping Lazarus for the Pilgrimage

MAY 2016

The serious prep for the Pilgrimage begins with the arrival of the new Skyline Series from Wolfman Luggage

Road to Motos in Moab! Read about it. 

Motos in Moab

April 2016

Got to see all my favorite people at the Torque Wenches Silent Auction, and even got to unload a pair of saddle bags that didn't fit any of my bikes. Win Win.

Met up with a couple of my moto heroes at Two Stroke Coffee Co.; Justin W. Coffey and Kyra Sacdalan, the founders of Westx1000 They just completed a trip across the Southern half of the US on Indian Scouts, dubbed Scout’s Honor, which you can read about on Motorcyclist Online. They are some pretty inspiring people, I got to talk to them a little bit about The Pilgrimage, and Rocky MTN Roll and their upcoming trip to Europe.   

Last but not least, Torque Wenches: Motos in Valhalla! A handful of us ( three on bikes two in a car) ventured out to Gateway, OR and up a gravel road to camp on the Deschutes river.  We spent some time hanging out at the Kah-Nee-Tah Hot Springs with on of the awesome ladies of the Bend chapter of the Litas. We also went for a little excursion on the bumpy road out to Ashwood, OR. Good times and sunburns were had. 

MARCH 2016

I had the pleasure of getting to attend a presentation by the amazing Steph Jeavons, arranged by Kris Fant of the Torque Wenches, and held at the Tillamook Station in Portland. 

Marrissa Rose and I decided to go scout a campsite in central Oregon, that went from being a quick detour, to an all day and half the night ordeal. You can read more about it here

Last but not least this month, I made it back to Montana once again to check up on Lazarus's progress. The little bit that I did get to ride Lazarus again (after a year and a half apart) just reinforced my love for this bike, and reminded me of all the reasons why I want to take this bike on the Pilgrimage this Summer.  As if I didn't have enough projects, I brought a 1972 Honda CB175 back with me that's more project than bike. I think I'll name it Paul Bunyan (ha ha ha bad jokes about really big projects.)



The One Moto Show! I didn't even get to make it inside the building, but I had a great time hanging out with Hinterland Empire, and Delna ( @motorbikesandrollerskates ). That Saturday, I had the pleasure of joining the Torque Wenches and a few of our buds who came all the way down from Vancouver with their bikes. 

The Dream ROll - AUG 2015

I like 280 some other ladies flocked to Glenwood WA to camp in the woods for the first ever Dream Roll. It was cold. It was wet.  And I knew absolutely no one.  I have some pretty mixed up emotions about the whole ordeal, but overall I can tell you I’m definitely going again next year. Read more about my experience here

July 2015

The last trip to MT of the Summer, this time approx. 1,500 miles. The route is outlined in the video, but I decided to take the long way home through Idaho and Central Oregon. Starting with a failed attempt to visit Bayhorse, ID, my first glimpse of the Sawtooths in Stanley,ID,  two large rainstorms, Boise, ID, Baker City, OR,  Sumpter,OR , Prairie City, OR (the giant wagon),  the lovely John Day area, and Fossil. 

I ended up in Fossil at 10pm with only 40mi to empty. The gas station was closed, and the next one was 90+ miles away. I decided to walk to the only place still open in town -the bar- to ask if someone had some gas I could buy off of them. However, when I was a block away from the bar all the lights turned off and everyone got in their vehicles and left. At this point I'm like 'shit! I'm going to have to camp on the side of the road, police are going to bother me because I'm camping on the side of the road. shit shit shit.' Then this lovely woman (pictured with me in the last photo of the gallery), walked around the corner and I asked her if there was another gas station in Antelope. She laughed and said 'Nope,' and after inspecting me a little, she asked if everything was alright, I told her I was gonna run out of gas and out of no where she said she had a clean room I was welcome to stay in. I don't know how it happened, but this wonderful woman welcomed me (a sweaty, mud covered, stranger on a motorcycle) into her home, she even made me breakfast the next morning, and now I have friends in Fossil.  

MAY 2015

Another trip to MT from PDX, this time approx. 1,834 miles. The route is outlined in the video, but I visited Sandpoint, ID, attempted and failed to visit the ghost town of Garnet, MT (the closed gate), Gates of the Mountains, Helena - the gorgeous Cathedral of Helena, and last but not least Elkhorn (ghost town). The most notable thing about this trip for me was finding that Elkhorn still had living residents! One of which was kind enough to find me a rock to place under my kickstand when I found the ground was too soft. My new favorite ghost town.  

July 2014

A quickie trip to Montana from PDX, in addition to a run to Shaniko, OR (ghost town).